Hello and welcome to the official Scott Taylor for Congress website.

I am running for Congress because Washington is broken. We are not better off today than at the beginning of the century:

  • Obamacare has dramatically increased the cost of health insurance and increased taxes
  • Crushing federal regulations increase the cost of the things we buy The Middle East is ablaze and innocent Christians and Muslims are being slaughtered by Russia, Syria and ISIS
  • Middle-income families face stagnant wages that are lower than at the turn of the century
  • A shrinking military and mass lay-offs in the defense sector in Hampton Roads are harming our local economy and our nation’s military readiness.

Our country is heading in the wrong direction and we all know it.

As a former U.S. Navy SEAL and Iraq War veteran, entrepreneur and author, I’m ready to take the fight to Washington D.C. to reverse the failed policies I outlined above.  We need to implement new, sound ideas.

As your Congressman I’ll support good ideas no matter whose ideas they are.  In the military I never stopped to ask if a plan devised by someone on my Team came from a Democrat or a Republican.  Our nation has to come together to resolve our problems and improve the quality of our lives.

I am a passionate advocate for men and women in uniform and veterans.  I am a frequent commentator on Fox News Channel and CNN discussing national security, military issues, and foreign policy. I believe in free market capitalism, American energy independence, smaller and less intrusive government, and private sector job creation.

With principled conservative leadership I proudly represent a portion of Virginia Beach in the Virginia House of Delegates. I’m ready to use all of my life’s diverse experiences to represent Virginia’s Second Congressional District and take the fight to Washington D.C. to turn our country around.

Washington is broken. We need a fresh start. Please join our team.  I respectfully ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 8th.

-Scott Taylor

P.O. Box 66528, VA BEACH VA 23466 • (757) 222-6739 • info@scotttaylor.us

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